The Easiyo System

How it works

Delicious Yogurt Made Easy

Making yogurt with the EasiYo Foodservice Yogurt Maker is very easy. The Yogurt Maker consists of a 'Yogurt Pot' and 'Lid' and the 'Appliance' into which the pot sits.

  1. Do not use the urn if the wires are damaged.
  2. Ensure that your hands, utensils and the inner pot are thoroughly clean before starting.
  3. Put clean, cool water into the outer pot of the Yogurt Maker to the line, approximately third-way up the side.
  4. Third-fill the inner pot with cool (not chilled) drinking water and thoroughly whisk in a whole bag of EasiYo Foodservice Yogurt Mix.
  5. Continue to whisk whilst topping up the inner pot with more cool water to approximately 5cm from the top.
  6. Put the lid on and gently lower the inner pot into the outer pot.
  7. Plug the Yogurt Maker into a power socket and turn on. Press the red start button. 

    IF YOU HAVE A YOGURT MAKER WITH A RED AND GREEN LIGHT the green light will turn off once correct temperature has been reached at which time power is no longer required. Unplug to avoid accidental reactivation. The red light will remain on until the plug is removed from the power source.

    IF YOU HAVE A YOGURT MAKER WITH A RED LIGHT ONLY this red light will turn off after approximately 20 minutes, at which time power is no longer required. Unplug to avoid reactivation.

  8. Leave to incubate for approximately 8 to 12 hours until set. If you forget and leave the yogurt pot up to 24 hours in the maker, the yogurt will not spoil. If not set within 12 hours discard. 
  9. Remove the inner pot from the outer pot, dry and refrigerate at 4°C.
  10. Empty water from the outer pot, dry or refill with cool water. Do not re-use the water for the next batch as it may be too warm. 


Sweetening the Yogurt 

If required, you can sweeten yogurt by thoroughly dissolving 1kg of sugar (or to taste) with warm drinking water in the empty, clean Yogurt Pot before proceeding with step 4.