What Businesses Say

Scenic Hotel Group strive to offer their customers a truly "Kiwi" experience when visiting one of our Hotels, and therefore aims to procure the freshest, highest quality local New Zealand products available from its suppliers.

EasiYo embodies these values, and allows our Chefs to make fresh yogurt daily using locally sourced ingredients which are then married with locally produced fruit compotes, giving our guests the freedom to create their own flavour profiles to suit their individual tastes. This enhanced level of service is achieved at a lower cost than traditional pre-packaged products, and further matches with Scenic Hotel Group's environmental ethos by massively reducing plastic and foil packaging waste.

EasiYo yogurt is presented on the breakfast buffet throughout all of our 18 hotels and the versatility of EasiYo yogurt, in terms of the number of different recipes that can be created, further enables our Chefs to offer a delicious variety of fresh savoury and dessert menu items to our guests.

Scenic Hotel Group has been using EasiYo yogurt products since early 2012 and continues to be extremely satisfied with both the quality of the products and the on-going aftersales service.

- Gary Cole, Procurement Manager, Scenic Hotel Group

The BBC Clubs pride themselves on producing fresh and healthy menu's using quality ingredients for all its clients. We use the yogurt in all areas of the catering such as curries, salad dressings, baking and on our salad bar which have been received by our clients in a very positive way.

The cost implications have been a great decision for us as this has saved at least half our Yogurt costs and will impact the other products we use the Yogurt in, we have now introduce the new range of EasiYo products to the menu such as Mousse and Custard and again the uptake on this healthy but cost effective product has been tremendous. I would recommend EasiYo to any other caterer for a great range of products at prices that will increase your GP but give your clients a great taste with total flexibility.

- Dino Portell'i, Chief Operating Officer, BBC Clubs

At Adventure Consultants EasiYo has been part of our expedition menu for many years. Expeditions to Everest and the rest of the World's Greater Ranges mean weeks spent away from home in harsh and remote environments.

The fresh taste of EasiYo is a welcome addition to our diet and a great taste of home! It's so easy to make and we have even found ways of curing it half way up a mountain in freezing temperatures. Our local Sherpa cook staff love to serve it along with fresh fruit as a treat when our climbers return from days high on the mountain.

The fresh cultures are great for our digestive health as stomachs can often be delicate at higher altitudes. We also love Easiyo Fruit Squirts, not just with yoghurt but also as a great cheesecake topping. Thanks Easiyo!

- Caroline Blaikie, Adventure Consultants, Wanaka

We are using the Easiyo yogurt at the university, the name says it all. It is very easy to make & our clients love it as it is made freshly. We serve this everyday for breakfast, & its great for our Indian Style dishes.

We also use the Pulp mixes to flavor our yoghurt & is fantastic as a great topping on our cheesecakes, & cakes. Its got a lovely fruity flavor. The lemon mousse is a winner, tastes delicious, & is light & fluffy. Its amazing how little goes such a long way, which makes it very affordable.

We are looking into next years Menu & thinking of increasing the use of the mousse mixes. We are exceptionally happy with the products.

- Auke Norbruis, Compass Site Student Village, Waikato University

The product is superb! The flavours and nutritional values of EasiYo yogurt appeal massively. So easy to make and easy on the pallet! I look forward to new products that come out as they are so versatile. Thank you for introducing the product to my customers.

- Trev French, Catering Manager, Gloucester Police Hq, Quedgeley

We have been using EasiYo products across our business for around three years and they have proved to be a real success even selling well in traditional manufacturing sites that are male dominated!! The product is easy to work with it looks great, is consistent and achieves a strong gross profit margin. We have promoted the product through our Appetite for Life Healthy Eating Programme and it has been a huge success. The support that EasiYo has provided has been excellent and our working partnership strong.

- Steve Kyffin, Operations Director, Compact Catering

EasiYo Yogurt has been on the school menus in Derbyshire for the past 2 1/2 years and has been well received by staff and pupils. The product is healthy, being low fat, tasty and easy for the staff to make fresh as required. We have always had excellent support from EasiYo. They continue to work with us on numerous Healthy Lifestyle events. The product is also cost effective and we have not had any quality issues since introducing it onto our Primary and Secondary menus.

- Tim Blowers, Head of County Catering Service, Derbyshire County Council

We have been using EasiYo Food Service in all of our catering sites for two years. The benefits for using this product are: Simple to use. Quality of the product is always consistent. It is cost effective and fits in with our business demands. We promote as a Live Yogurt which has the health benefit factor. Company support is always first Class.

- Jeff Bryant, Project Manager, 7 Day Catering Ltd

We have been dealing with EasiYo Food Service since February 2008. We have not had any problems on the accounting or administrative side of the business which is always a bonus. We will highly recommend EasiYo Food Service to any potential customer of theirs.

- Elsabe Snyman, Purchasing Co-ordinator

I feel EasiYo has helped us offer within schools a healthy cost effective yoghurt, that is easy to use, is always available so we can make it when required,with no wastage. The product can be used in many dishes and the support and and ongoing product development shown by easiyo is excellent.

- Ian Barnett, Educational Development Chef, Sodexo

As a College we recognise that students are certainly watching 'the pennies' more so now than ever before & we as the Catering Department, St. Anne's College, Oxford are always looking for ways to try & help them to do this by bringing in new products & ideas. 

So, in March 2011 we started using Easiyo, I might say with some scepticism. Firstly, we trialled Easiyo Greek Yoghurt in our small coffee shop, where we hadn't served yoghurt previously, it was an immediate success. 

After convincing the Head Chef & his team how good it was & how popular, we all agreed, we should replace our 'bought-in' yoghurts & sell Easiyo in the main Dining Hall & all other catering areas throughout College. Not only is it a hit with students but the Academics too with one Professor having 3 x 8oz Mango topped Greek yoghurts daily for his dessert at lunch! 

We now use Easiyo Greek & Natural yoghurt along with six of the different Easiyo Flavour Toppings & have two Easiyo yoghurt making urns, as we found we couldn't keep up with demand with just one urn.

- St Annes College, Oxford

We have been using Easiyo for a number of years here at Wycombe Abbey and have made full use of all the products available. We have used it mainly for breakfasts, but after a visit from our representative we have trebled our use. 

Now we incorporate it into sauces, sandwich and salad dressings, and now with a large uptake at lunch time, as a low fat alternative to our cold desert section served with EasiYo Foodservice's many fruit toppings and mousses.

An excellent healthy low cost addition to any menu how every you choose to use it!

- Cheryl Horne-Seabridge, Wycombe Abbey Catering Manager

Price per portion is very favourable compared to pre packaged yogurts, but price was never going to be the over riding factor. I am more impressed with the quality, versatility and the added bonus of it being easy to make and extremely healthy. 

This means that it doesn't tie up the staff and having 10 homes to cater for, the catering managers have embraced the system and reported fantastic feed back from residents. 

In all honesty I was dubious when I was first informed about Easiyo but would have no hesitation now in recommending it to anyone'.

- Steve Jones, Group Catering Manager, Cedar Care Ltd

I have used the product range for quite a while, both commercially and at home. 

The product range is now broad enough to cover all tastes and as such is very versatile in its usage. It enables the end user to add their own ingredients to make it bespoke to their kitchen/servery.

The price per portion is competitive enough to make it a viable option to use within the school market. If portion control is adhered too as per instructions, it provides a good quality option as a dessert, to compliment any menu. 

The set up and production of the product is very easy and can be achieved with all levels of skills within catering departments. The recipe book that comes with the kit is very useful and contains a selection of recipes, which are easy to follow. 

Overall I find that anyone that comes into contact with the product is impressed with its taste, price and the concept. I will continue to suggest the product as a good option to use within our Essex Schools.

- Jill Taylor, Senior Schools Meals Advisor, Essex Works

Easiyo is a very convenient product for our environment. We make it overnight and refrigerate it in the morning. We offer the option of yogurt as a dessert every lunchtime. 

The 14 day refrigeration life enables us to have fresh yoghurt available at all times, even after a half term break. It contains two of the main food groups that we encourage the children to eat – protein and carbohydrate and with so many parents concerned with the nutritional value of their child's school lunch the nutritional analysis information is a welcome tool'.

- Jill Roome, Catering Manager, North Bridge House School

We have been using Easiyo for a a while now and find it a very good product.

It is easy to prepare and is great that it lasts for 14 days once prepared. 

We use it in various areas - yoghurt pots, healthy berry oats, in dressings and on the salad bar. It is versatile and better value than buying small amounts.

- Steve Walkington, Bartlett Mitchell

We have been using the Easiyo products for almost a year now here at Friends Life, Bristol.

I have been so impressed with the product that I have introduced it into several other sites. It is extremely quick and easy to use. The shelf life of product is great it has helped us control our ever increasing food costs. 

We use the product in a huge variety of ways from Greek yoghurt, honey and granola pots, Natural yogurt pots with fresh fruit to everyday use in cooking. I would recommend it to any type of operation.

- Helen O'Gorman, Catering Manager, Sodexo Friends Life

Easiyo has made a positive difference to some of our residents at one of our homes who were using a thickener based supplement.

Amazingly Easiyo has replaced the supplement, and the residents also love the fact that you can eat and use it in so many different ways.

- Trevor Greenwood, Area Cook Manager, Norse Commercial Services

We have been using Easiyo here at the Waipuna Hotel for more than five years. 

Primarily we use it on our breakfast buffet with berry compotes, cereals and fruit. Our guests really appreciate the freshness and taste, as it is an excellent product. 

We use over 300kg of raw product a year, which is an indication of how well loved by our guests it is.

- Andrew Methven, Executive Chef, Waipuna Hotel

Here at Ofgem we have been using the EasiYo Natural Yoghurt mix for over 2 years now, it is very simple to use and makes a good all around base product. 

We serve it on its own on the breakfast bar, or make up yoghurt pots and top them with either muesli, granola or fruit purees. Thursday is our big curry day so we use the yoghurt for the raita. 

We have also tried the Greek Yoghurt mix but on making that we found the product was too thick for our needs, and the customer feedback we got was that they preferred the normal Natural Yoghurt.

- Vanessa Griffiths, Head Chef, Bartlett Mitchell, Ofgem, London

IPA Purchasing is a market leading purchasing provider to the Healthcare, Education, Hotel & Leisure sectors. IPA introduced EasiYo as a nominated supplier to its membership in January 2012, since this time we have realised fantastic quality, service and cost savings for our membership.

Our members have found the onsite demonstrations; product taste and portion control a major benefit to their day to day business.

In the first 3 months of the year a total 42 IPA members showed an interest in Easiyo, the feedback has been 100% positive.

IPA highly recommends Easiyo for cost, taste, service and most importantly its health benefits.

- Benjamin P. Campbell, Business Manager, ipa Purchasing Ltd

I have now been using Easi Yo for two years and I have never looked back.

The product is simple and clean with various health benefits, all of their products are made by you. They are both simple to demonstrate and make a valuable addition to any industrial or home kitchen.

With product innovation being at the front of their minds it is now simple to incorporate calcium into the diet through fun, enjoyable products. I have introduced Easi Yo into over 100 education sites in the past two years and it has always been met by friendly young faces. Once you have taken the simple low fat yogurt and turned it into a mousse or a cheesecake most people cannot believe it is possible.

Now with a new range of Smoothies and an inordinate amount of flavours to add to this product its uses are endless. I have now incorporated Easi Yo into my standard cooking processes in dishes such as Tuna Mayonnaise and Chicken Masala.

All of my staff appreciate its simplicity in production and its versatility in the kitchen.

I love the control it brings to me within our business, coupled with the fact that it is made on site, gives it great stature in a competitive marketplace.

- Jack Sykes, Executive Development Chef, Pabulum Ltd