The EasiYo Yogurt Urn

How does the EasiYo Urn make the yogurt?

In order to grow, lactic cultures require heat and a source of milk sugar (lactose) on which to feed. They all have an optimal heat at which to grow (between 40-50°C).

The unique EasiYo Urn produces the controlled heat needed to activate all the LACTIC CULTURES present in the EasiYo Base and Culture Sachets. Our freeze dried cultures reactivate and divide in the perfect conditions in the EasiYo Yogurt Maker urn.

Is the EasiYo Yogurt Maker Urn guaranteed?

YES. It is guaranteed. If you experience any problems at all, simply contact your account manager at EasiYo.

Are there replacement parts for the Yogurt Urn or jar?

Yes the EasiYo Yogurt Urn has been made to withstand constant and tough handling. However, there may be some parts (such as the yogurt jar lid) that do get damaged or lost in which case you could contact EasiYo Head Office (address on the back of each sachet), for a replacement.

Can I wash the Urn?

Clean with a damp cloth only. Do not immerse Yogurt Maker Urn in water.

EasiYo Yogurt mixes and yogurt making

What is in the yogurt?

The contents of the yogurt sachets vary by flavour. Our Unsweetend Greek for example only contains high quality milk powder and freeze dried lactic cultures. Our flavoured range also contain sugar, natural colours and natural flavourings.

EasiYo Yogurt does not contain stabilisers, artificial colouring or additives. You just add clean drinking water. Please see individual packs for full ingredient lists.

What cultures are contained in EasiYo Yogurt?

All EasiYo yogurts contain Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus acidophilus. Some certain products also contain the Bifidobacteria strain. The combination gives EasiYo its wonderful taste and texture.

Do EasiYo Yogurt mixes have GMO's?

No. It is EasiYo's company policy to NOT use genetically modified ingredients in any products.

Do EasiYo Yogurt mixes contain gluten?

None of the EasiYo Yogurt mixes contain any gluten or wheat.

Do EasiYo Yogurt mixes contain soy?

Yes, soya lecithin is present in small amounts in the whole milk powder to make it more soluble. It is not present in the skim milk powder. We state it on the packaging for flavours containing whole milk powder.

Are EasiYo Yogurt mixes suitable for vegetarians?

Yes. However, as they contain dairy, they are not suitable for vegans.

Can I use milk to make my yogurt?

Of course, you can make yogurt any way you like to, but we suggest that all other ways of making yogurt are unreliable, messy and time-consuming. The EasiYo system is designed to eliminate the hassles of incubating and stabilising milk. The EasiYo system is designed to make yogurt easy so that you make delicious yogurt every time.

Can I use a yogurt sachet past its best before date?

Here at EasiYo we do not recommend eating anything after the best before date!

Can the product differ between batches?

EasiYo is a living thing and can change with changes in the tap water temperature for example.

Also there can be slight changes in the milk powder within seasons and between seasons depending on the location.

New Zealand & Australia

The cows generally stop milking between April and August in NZ so the milk powder at the beginning and end of a season can vary.

UK & Ireland

EasiYo is now proudly made in the UK with Irish Milk

Sometimes the yogurt needs to stay in the Yogurt Maker a little longer in order to set. Up to 24 hours is fine.

Why can the setting time be inconsistent?

Because EasiYo yogurt is a 'live' product and contains no thickening agents there can be a variation in normal setting times depending on how quickly the temperature changes inside the Yogurt Maker. This depends on the temperature of the water you mix your EasiYo Yogurt (15 to 20 degrees celcius is ideal) and the outside temperature surrounding the actual Yogurt Maker. It is fine to leave for up to 24 hours.

Should I top up with more boiling water if my yogurt does not set in time?

No. Do not do this. Just leave a little longer and it should set. Up to 24 hours is fine.

Can I use water from the fridge with the yogurt mix?

No this will be too cold. The ideal temperature to mix with your sachet of EasiYo Yogurt mix is 15 to 20 degrees celcius. If you are in a hot climate you may need to put your water into a fridge for a short time to bring it to below 20 degrees celcius.

What if I forget to take the yogurt out of the yogurt maker in 8-12 hours?

The yogurt will keep in the EasiYo Yogurt Maker for up to 24 hours without it being adversely affected.

Why does the yogurt sometimes appear to separate?

Whey being 'expressed' from the yogurt is part of a natural process. Commercial chilled yogurts contain thickeners and stabilisers to absorb the expressed whey, but as EasiYo Yogurt contains no such additives the whey is best mixed back into the yogurt as it is very nutritious.

Alternatively, you may like to strain the whey and make use it in your cooking.

How long will made-up yogurt keep?

Most of the range can be keep in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks. Please check storage instructions on the pack you have purchased. 

Can I use the EasiYo Yogurt base and culture in an alternative yogurt maker or could I just put the mix in a jar and put it in the hotwater cupboard?

Neither of these methods is recommended because of their unreliability. EasiYo simply makes it safer and easier, and it works every time! 

What does Halal certified mean?

Halal certified shows that the raw materials that make up EasiYo product and the product themselves are prepared in an acceptable way to conform to Muslim custom. EasiYo has been audited and registered as Halal (by auditors with MUL and JAKIM approval).

Can babies eat EasiYo Yogurt?

Babies who can eat solids can eat any of the EasiYo yogurts.

Can I have EasiYo Yogurt when I'm pregnant?

Yes of course, EasiYo yogurt is just like any other yogurt and fine for pregnant women to consume.

Lactose intolerant OR allergic to cow's milk?

'Lactose intolerant' is different to being allergic to milk (cow's) protein.

If you are lactose intolerant and not dairy intolerant EasiYo Yogurt may be fine for you to consume. It is well known that yogurt contains lower levels of lactose than regular milk since some of the lactose in the milk is converted into lactic acid during the fermentation process. Therefore people with a mild lactose intolerance may be able to consume and tolerate our EasiYo Yogurt.

However we suggest you talk to your medical professional about the best approach for you.

If however you are protein allergic, then you definitely will have to convert to a non dairy milk base.

Sweetening of flavouring EasiYo Yogurt

What if i want to sweeten my yogurt?

We recommend you add natural sweeteners such as honey to your made-up yogurt when it is set and sweeten to your taste.

When do we add the EasiYo fruit flavour toppings and can we use our own?

Add the EasiYo Fruit Toppings after the yogurt is made and chilled. It is also a great accompaniment to cereal and fresh or stewed fruit.

Can I add the fruit flavour toppings or my own flavours in when i make the yogurt, i.e. before it sets?

No, because it upsets the pH balance in the yogurt which can disrupt the culture activity. This defeats the purpose of making fresh yogurt.


How do the cultures stay viable in the sachets?

The cultures are freeze dried which means all the moisture is extracted and the cultures can 'hibernate' without losing much of their viability until they are 'reactivated' during the fermentation process inside the EasiYo Yogurt Maker.

How long do the cultures live for in the sachet?

The cultures we use are freeze dried; a little like a seed that, for a certain period of time, is able to remain in a stable form before it is reactivated. In this dormant state in correct storage conditions, our cultures are good for  the 18-month shelf life of the product. The process we use is designed to maintain the largest number of viable bacteria cultures that can be produced.

How do you get the most live cultures in your yogurt?

The fact that you make your yogurt fresh with EasiYo means you get the cultures from day one when they are freshest. Cultures have a limited lifetime so you will never get more cultures than when your Yogurt is freshly-made A spoonful of EasiYo yogurt contains billions!

It is the cultures which have made EasiYo Yogurt so thick and why we don't need stabalisers or thickeners in our yogurt.

How long do the cultures live in the jar of made-up EasiYo Yogurt?

The number of live cultures is at its highest on the day that you make your EasiYo Yogurt. One spoon of freshly-made EasiYo Yogurt  contains over 1 billion live cultures. The tests on our yogurts indicate there are billions of live cultures still present in every spoonful even at the end of these two weeks.