Stripy Breakfast Popsicles


  • 3 cups of any 3 of your favourite EasiYo Yogurts
  • Chopped berries or fruit (optional)


You can use any flavour EasiYo Yogurt for these fun, fruity ice-blocks. Go for a colour theme if it’s a party or choose tropical flavours for a taste of summer.

For three stripes you will need about 1 cup of each flavour.

Fill the ice-block moulds 1/3 full and freeze for at least an hour or until set on top. Then add the second flavour, filling another 1/3 and at the same time push an ice-block stick down into the frozen bottom layer.

Freeze for at least another hour until set on top then finish off with the final layer. Chill overnight before serving.

For a single serve flavour you can add chopped berries or fruit too

Conversion: 1 metric cup = 250ml

stripy breakfast